New version – divs are back

Thanks to Dups, it’s now easier to obtain the average dividends from the API.

The latest version of EAvTrader will therefore display the average with more accuracy.  Go get it!


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minor update

I’ve made a quick update, the current version on the download page will now clearly indicate if the paid/share value comes from the cache.

Values fetched from the cache are now gray.  Also, if you mouseover, you will see how old the data is.   As usual, click the cell to fetch the most recent value.

It’s a duct tape fix, but I still hope the new API will make it possible to retrieve dividends in a more reliable way.

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possible bug, paid/share column

There might be something fishy with the new squirrel technology, the “paid/share” column will sometimes display an incorrect value. I am investigating the issue.

If you believe the value is incorrect, click the cell and it will update with the most recent (but ofc consume one API request).

This column could also use a better explanation.  What you see under “paid/share” is the most recent paid dividend/share.   I know some users prefer this over the average dividend, in a future version I intend to display both the weekly average and the most recent paid.


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EAvTrader – new and improved?

A new version is available from the download page.   Not many visible changes, but it’s now powered by the latest in squirrel technology!

Oh yes, almost forgot.  There is a checkbox that looks like this:

Try it.   Basically, you should have EAvTrader running all the time with the background update enabled.   EAvTrader does not use much system resources and you can just minimize it when doing something else.


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New EAvTrader

Some minor changes, there are still a lot of things I would like to do that just isn’t possible with the current API.

In the portfolio listing, you can now right-click a row for a menu.  From the menu, you can buy or sell, open the ticker in a browser or reload dividends.  What?  Dividends?  Didn’t I say that it was impossible to get dividends for the portfolio?

Yes, I did.  But I can retrieve them one by one.  Each call consumes one API request, so it’s not possible to retrieve dividends for all tickers at once.  But when you are looking at a ticker, you may want to see the payout.  Note that the displayed value is the last paid dividend, not the average.  This will be improved later.

Portfolio menu

Also, you should be able to resize the columns the way you like them.

A mouse click on a ticker name opens the ticker in your default browser. A mouse click in the paid/share cell will update the current value.

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EAvTrader 1.03 – shareholder listing

New in this version is a shareholder listing.  This can be used to find out who bought your shares, maybe you want to buy theirs too.  Click a tickername to open it in your default browser.

Shareholders listing

Thanks to Girlfriend for the idea!  (go buy Girlfriend if you havn’t already!)


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Friday the 13th

Ok, this might be a giveway.  But that squirrel is teasing everybody. :)

Since the squirrel (my squirrel, not the EAvSquirrel) helped me, I gave him a nut. Just one, not 13.

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Clearing out your portfolio

The portfolio listing in EAvTrader can be a nice tool when you want to clear out bad stock from your portfolio.

When I need cash to buy some new interesting stock, I try to find out what I can sell.  The first thing I do is to sort the listing on the earnings value.  High earnings usually indicates that it’s a keeper. If the earnings are low, I should probably sell, but it could also be a new ticker that hasnt really taken off yet.  Still, this listing is a help to figure it out.  Remember that you can click the ticker name to open the ticker in your browser.

Another way is to sort the listing by the “# Yours” column:

This column tells you if they have any of your shares.  In this screenshot, you can see that I have 200 shares in KEVINRILEY, but he doesn’t have any of mine.  Could be a good candidate for selling, depending on my general strategy.

If you have suggestions on how to improve the listing, please tell me. Post a comment here or mail me in-game at FFNZ.

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Eavtrader for Windows 1.01

Just uploaded a new version with some minor bug fixes.  More changes will come soon.  Please tell me if you find a problem or have suggestions.


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Hello world, EAvTrader is here

“Hello, World” felt appropriate for the first post about EAvTrader 1.0.  Read more.

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